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    Technology Use

    In the current day, it is nearly necessary for all businesses, even small ones, to implement technology to improve efficiency and business processes. This section details various subjects regarding technology, such as a step-by-step to-do list of integrating new technology into a business or reasons why new technology might be necessary.

    Pricing Strategies

    Determining a price for your product or service isn’t an exact science. Included here are resources to help find that sweet spot to maximize profits. Descriptions featured here encompass simple steps to take to determine a price, how to find a breakeven point, and explanations on why changing a price or pricing strategy might be necessary.


    Pitching involves presenting a business or business idea to someone, be they an investor, a customer, or a future client. Used mostly to obtain financing and investors, pitching can be done in a short amount of time (such as an elevator) or may involve a full-blown presentation or impromptu meeting. Below are several different approaches to take in crafting a pitch and the do’s and don’t’s when giving a pitch.


    Contrary to popular belief, marketing and sales are two very different things. While marketing focuses on advertising and appealing to customers, sales involves the best way to boost profits and enhance profitability. Productivity is key to sales, and several articles listed here dive deep into that subject. Included is also an expansive article providing thirty different business owners’ perspectives on how to increase profits.


    The Marketing section describes and supports the two major components to marketing: satisfying customers’ needs and reaching profits. In addition to introductions about marketing, this section also includes strategies to enhance your business’s social media use and how to develop a marketing plan to attract future customers or clients.


    The Employees section covers the basics of all information regarding employees. Here, you will topics such as what steps to take to hire your first employee, how to write an effective job description to attract potential new employees, and when conducting a background check might be necessary.

    Business Funding

    The Business Funding section includes a more detailed analysis of the financial implications surrounding a startup or small business. Topics heavily discussed include different forms of financing, what to do to obtain a loan, and a bit more in-depth discussion of taxing requirements. The main focus in this business funding section is learning how to finance small business, specifically.

    General Business Operations

    The general business operations section focuses on basic insights for starting a business, including things to consider before even starting a business, corporate structures for tax purposes, and a general overview of management and the business cycle. Many resources in this section are courtesy of the Small Business Administration, a great potential asset in a startup that also may provide financial aid and counseling for beginning a small business.